You know what I realized? It’s easy to kill niggas, man. It’s easy to kill niggas ‘cause they look like you, they smell like you, shit, they even live on your same mother fucking block. The only problem we have is killing the people who don’t look like us, who oppress us. ‘Eh, if you wanna impress me shoot the mother fucker who turned off my lights. If you wanna impress me, shoot somebody who’s making my bills high all the time. You see, it’s easy for cats to kill cats, it’s just the dogs they got trouble with. We gotta stand up like men and women, yo. You know why? You let a mother fucker kick you five times, they gon’ kick you five times. You let ‘em kick you three times, they gon’ kick you three times. You let ‘em kick you twice, they gon’ kick you twice. You let ‘em kick you once, they gon’ kick you once. But if you break off the mother fucking feet, there ain’t gon’ be no more kicking going on, kid. Wycleff Jean “Outro” The Fugees

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